Why we love what we do

Our Mission

WHAYS is a non-profit organization. We seek to put God’s love into action by providing affordable housing for our veterans and giving them the resources to live empowering and productive lives.


Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that veterans are living productively.


Our History

A group of thoughtful, committed people came together to create WHAYS. The former president of WHAYS owned rental property and was approached by a homeless family seeking assistance. After listening to their concerns, he decided to allow the family to live in one of the rental units rent free. A few days later he was approached by other people needing assistance with housing. His heart went out to these people. He approached the president of the Marcdavid Group, a long-time friend and relative. They, along with other concerned people, decided to create WHAYS. Realizing many people are in need of affordable homes, it was decided that assisting veterans would be the first phase of WHAYS.


Our Team

WHAYS is a hybrid organization of full and part time workers and volunteers working tirelessly to provide personal and professional attention to the success of WHAYS. Every team member has a passion for the mission and vision of WHAYS and a desire to be the hands and feet of Christ. They are independent thinkers and driven to make a positive difference in the world. Not only are they super dedicated to giving their best, but they are a totally cool bunch of people!

Visit us at WWW.WHAYS2HELP.ORG to find out more!

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